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"Where Testers and QA Fit in the Story of DevOps"


A no-nonsense talk on DevOps and the role testers play in a continuous testing world.


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Learn Where Testers and QA Fit in the Story of DevOps

Where Testers and QA Fit in the Story of DevOps

Continuous delivery. CI. GitHub. Scrum. CD. Jenkins. Continuous testing. Continuous integration. These are just some terms that are supposed to describe the word soup that is DevOps. Chances are that you have heard some or all of these words being passed around at your daily stand ups or company meetings.

However, where does QA and testing fit into the story of DevOps? Some would say that developers and operations teams are all you need for a successful DevOps pipeline, while others show that Dev, Test and Ops need to be included to ensure quality at every step in your pipeline.

In this webinar, Ryan Yackel, QASymphony's Director of Product Marketing, and Sunil Sehgal, Managing Partner at TechArcis, will share their experiences as they navigate you through the DevTestOps waters. In this webinar you will learn:

  • Overview of the State of DevOps
  • Common misconceptions of DevOps and QA
  • How testers must adapt to the DevOps process
  • The tools testers need for continuous testing

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About Sunil Sehgal

Sunil brings over 20 years of experience in business leadership, technology management and strategic initiatives and is an expert in Quality Assurance and Testing Solutions, with a focus on transformation initiatives that bring year over year cost and quality advantages to his clients. He is passionate about “customer focus” and creating value for his clients. Sunil believes that creating ‘successful wins’ along with clients helps build valuable, profitable, and sustainable businesses. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the University of Pune, India and Executive Master of International Trade from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi. He has also earned a Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management and Financial Management.

About Ryan Yackel

Ryan Yackel is the Director of Product Marketing at QASymphony, ensuring their continued commitment to innovation and delivering tools to create better software. With a deep interest in the emerging trends of testing needs, Ryan is dedicated to being the customer voice for all QASymphony products. Ryan comes to QASymphony from Macy’s Inc., where he managed testing on large enterprise initiatives delivering logistics implementations for their warehouse management systems. Ryan is a certified scrum master from Scrum Alliance and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Covenant College.