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"Test Automation 101: What Tests Should We Automate First?"


Best practices and steps to get started with test automation.


Test automation is integral for reduced test maintenance and a faster time to market.



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Learn How to Get Started with Test Automation

Trying to Get Started with Test Automation?

Too often, the phrase “test automation” conjures up images of constant, complex maintenance and long timelines. But it shouldn’t. You can automate to make testing easier.

So how do we get started and what are the first steps we need to take to successfully implement test automation? There are several techniques and practices, which noticeably reduce the maintenance of tests and time to market.

This webinar is targeted to test managers that are trying to figure out how to get started with test automation, or for those who have implemented it before, but are looking to make their strategy better.

Join Paul Merrill, Principal Software Engineer in Test and Founder of Beaufort Fairmont Automated Testing Services as he shares what he has learned while helping numerous clients succeed in implementing test automation. Including:

  • When and how to get started with test automation
  • What tests to automated first
  • Expectations at business and individual level
  • The best techniques and practices to succeed
  • What is most important - risk or run time?

About Paul Merrill

Paul Merrill is Principal Software Engineer in Test and Founder of Beaufort Fairmont Automated Testing Services. His more than 17 years of experience as software engineer, tester, manager, consultant and project manager have shaped his views on software development. Paul works with clients every day to accelerate testing, reduce risk, and increase the efficacy of testing processes. An entrepreneur, tester, software engineer, and speaker, Paul has a unique perspective on launching and maintaining quality products. Paul speaks regularly at major testing conferences and monthly webinars at He also hosts Reflection as a Service, a podcast about software development and entrepreneurship. Follow Paul on Twitter @dpaulmerrill.