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"Software Testing Trends for 2017"


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Learn the top testing trends to watch for in 2017

Software Testing trends that will define 2017

Today's customers have high expectations and not a lot of patience, so if quality, speed, and effective delivery aren’t a topic of regular conversations in your software department, 2017 could be a frustrating year. To stay competitive businesses will need to have a software testing approach that meets the needs and expectations of their customers. Which software testing trends should you be prepared to follow?

In this webinar, Keith Klain, Head of Software Quality Management at Tekmark Global Solutions, discussed the top Software Testing trends that will define 2017. Including:

  • Test automation, devops, and operational test management
  • “Agile Testing” and the rise of machine learning
  • The future of the enterprise “Testing CoE”
  • Cool stuff to watch for in 2017 – people, places and things!

About Keith Klain

Keith Klain is the Executive Director Head of the Software Quality Management practice and Tekmark Global Solutions For the last 20 years Keith has built software quality management and testing teams for global financial services and IT consulting firms in the US, UK, and Asia Pacific. Keith designed the Software Testing Education Program with the Bronx based non-profit Per Scholas which has graduated over 200 students from diverse backgrounds into jobs in technology. He was the Executive Vice President of the Association for Software Testing and the recipient of the 2013 Software Test Professionals Luminary award. Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: @KeithKlain YouTube: