The struggle is real

The testing industry is undergoing rapid and far-reaching changes driven by major shifts in the software development landscape. Software is being developed and deployed faster than ever before and this this creates a new set of challenges for testers. The traditional procedures and techniques that have served QA departments in the past are no longer enough.

What You’ll Learn

In this guide, we bring together two thought leaders in the software development to provide perspective on the future of testing and how successful teams need to evolve to with the changing times.

What’s Inside?

How testers can gain the insight they need to plan and test effectively in an agile environment.

Direction on how to find the right mix of testing methodology - automated, exploratory and user-acceptance testing.

How exploratory testing can help address the pressures of modern development, continuous deployment and fast feedback loops.

When and how to use exploratory testing as part of your development process.

How the best testers break down the testing process into a simple trio of questions: why, what,  and how?


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