Learn about 5 "Cool Vendors" that are improving the way companies develop software, including QASymphony.

What's Inside?

An analysis on 5 exciting new tools that are improving the software development and delivery process.

Gartner's perspective on how QASymphony's innovative exploratory testing solution sets it apart from other test management solutions.

Who Should Care?

QA leaders, softwear development professionals, or testing teams who are interested in benefiting from real-time views and time savings through the use of inovative exploratory testing tools.

Software development organizations who continue to struggle to be responsive to business needs while dealing with increasing application complexity, security challenges and brand exposure.

Those who are considering innovative exploratory testing practices in combination with agile  development methodologies when requirements are incomplete and time is short.

What is a Gartner Cool Vendor?

What Is a Gartner Cool Vendor?
See what Daryl C. Plummer, VP & Fellow at Gartner has to say about Gartner Cool Vendors.

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